Witty Construction Project Manager’s Lament

Posted by MDA Projects on Wednesday, December 25, 2013 with 40 comments
For those in the construction industry and the broader built environment, the end of the year is a time to reflect on the year’s achievements and challenges. Mitchell du Plessis Projects (MDA) is no different. Now in our end of year shut down we thought we’d share with you a witty take on project management. This poem was penned by recently retired Deputy City Manager of the City of Cape Town, Mike Marsden.

Project Manager’s Lament

Persuasion of the powers that be
is met with incredible relief
that the project need has been accepted
with the issue of the brief.

Approval of the project is followed by despair.
First choice colleagues from the cream
are suddenly found to be
unavailable for inclusion in the team.

Enthusiasm for the project takes a sudden plunge
as it is decided that the project team
will have to find the funds.

The project team is under stress
as the politicians examine the deadline
for completion of the project
and decide to halve the time.

The projects done and dusted.
Audit will investigate the very roots
to identify the guilty and
the settling of disputes.

The team has come through thick and thin;
have grown as family, fit and lean,
overcome all problems, delivered as required
but now it falls to me to disband the team.

Undaunted project managers
brimming with professional thirst
await their new assignments.
For next verse please revert to first.

Cape Town Waterfront